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We want you to grow and thrive in your career


Take your learning to the next level with our empowering Leadership Programmes.

You’ll study together with a cohort of like-minded professionals, sharing experiences and lessons learned to help enrich your training and development journey.

We’ll support you to put everything you’ve learned into practice on a day-to-day basis. We know that change doesn’t just happen by attending a training course so we’ll help you set goals and check in on your progress. Through coaching sessions and Senior Manager support we’ll feedback on everything you’ve accomplished.

We’re in this together and we’ll do whatever we can to help you progress your career.

he Evolution Programme

Helping you achieve excellence

We believe that every manager has their own unique set of skills and characteristics that enable our homes and communities to flourish.

Our Excellence Programme is designed to help you realise your potential and deliver outstanding support, care and education.

Our innovative programme includes a blend of teaching techniques and learning formats to help you harness your leadership skills. Studying together with a group of managers in workshops, one-to-one coaching sessions and online classes, we’ll share the knowledge and practical tools you need to become a great leader.

Topics covered in the programme include:


  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Leading a High-Quality Service
  • Leading Highly Effective Teams
  • Financial and Commercial Awareness
  • Plus many more
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More Leadership programmes coming soon…

he Evolution Programme

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Our Evolution Programme is specifically designed for our Deputy Managers and Team Leaders helping them grow in confidence and develop their leadership skills.

We work closely with participants to create personal development plans, identify next steps in their career and help them achieve their goals.

Our interactive training modules equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to get the best out of their team and manage outstanding homes and communities.

Topics covered include:


  • Learning how to complete meaningful supervisions to ensure your team excel
  • Conduct smart shift leading for truly personalised care
  • Understanding how to manage difficult situations and create positive change
  • Support quality outcomes and inspections to deliver high quality care and education to the people we support
Our Wellbeing Campaigns
he Evolution Programme

Coming Soon


Giving you the confidence to take your first step into leadership

When you’re ready to begin your leadership journey and join our team of Managers, we’ll support you to through our newly launched Aspire Programme.

Stepping into a position of responsibility can feel daunting, so our innovative programme helps participants develop their innate leadership qualities and skills. We share insights on what is expected from a leader and give you practical training on how to develop your own capacities with confidence and emotional intelligence.

Topics covered in the Aspire Programme include:

  • What great leadership looks like
  • How you can develop your leadership abilities
  • Learning how to manage your peers
  • How to prepare for an interview

Our Wellbeing Campaigns
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