Salutem Care and Education is proud to support people

to live their best lives

Our work family provides a range of care, from schools, to day centres, to residential homes for children and adults. Just like any family, we want the very best for everyone at Salutem.

Our aim is to empower the individuals we support to live a life they love with the support of a team who feel like family and friends. We are proud to share that we achieve great outcomes every single day. Whether that’s supporting individuals to pop to the shops, write a letter, or walk for the first time following an injury – the support we provide is  life changing for those we support.

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Not just a job, a whole career package…

Salutem Academy

Achieve your ambition. Everybody has something to give and we’ll help you develop your unique talents.


We’ll celebrate and reward you for making a difference.


You pour your heart and soul into your work, so we make sure your wellbeing is not forgotten.

Leadership Programmes

We want you to grow and thrive in your career so we’ll help you take your learning to the next level.

Our Support Areas

Adult residential
Supported Living
Children Residential
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People like you work in care & education.
People like David…

David spent 13 years working on the railways but found himself looking for a new challenge when the industry was privatised. He took a job at a children’s home and stumbled upon the vocation that would change his life.

21 years, an ‘Outstanding’ rating and an award win later, he says it’s the best move he ever made.

This job will literally change your life. The people you support will change your life. You’ll have so many opportunities to grow and develop in terms of being a person and the things you can get up to and get paid for is just amazing!

Everyone who shares our values
is welcome to join our family.

Some of our Recent Featured Roles –

Featured Roles in Adult Care

Featured Roles in Children’s Care

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