Cycle to work Scheme

How does it work?

The Cycle to Work benefit is run through your employer and offered to you as a hire agreement.
The bike you choose is paid for up front, and the amount deducted from your salary over a 12-month period, so you save the tax and NI on the cost.

What if I already own a bike?

Great! The Cycle to Work scheme is designed to get people cycling,so if you’re happy with your bike you can just apply for any safety equipment and accessories you need.

Are there any limits?

The maximum amount that you can claim is £1000, this includes the bike and any accessories.
If you already have a bike and are only using the benefit for safety equipment, then there is a £100 minimum spend.

What equipment can I buy?

We work closely with national bike retailers and local specialist bike shops, whose ranges include electric bikes,folding bikes and other specialist cycles. We can also supply bikes or safety equipment by mail order.

For a step by step guide on how the scheme works, please see below:

1) The employee provides us with an enrolment form or sets up their account online. The employee can look in store or online to find a bike and/or any accessories that they wish to purchase.
2) We check that the chosen retailer already works with us. If not, we will contact them to see if they will work with us.
3) We then send the employee the hire terms for them to sign, so that they agree to go ahead with the order and the necessary deductions from their salary.
4) Once signed, we can then invoice the order to the employer for payment.
5) At this point, we will email the bike shop with a purchase order so that they can provide us with an invoice.
6) We then make payment to the bike shop whilst emailing the employee with a letter of collection.**
7) The employee will then arrange a convenient time with you to arrange collection.**

Find out more by watching the Cycle to Work benefit video

How do I apply for the scheme ?

To apply online please CLICK HERE  the Salutem access key you will need is P8YU5S5
or you can contact EnjoyBenefits on 0800 088 7315 quoting your company’s name (Salutem)


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