We are Salutem, we are HumanKind.
We do not place limits on people. We see promise and potential in everyone.

We’re Committed


We support people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health needs and autism at more than 120 people-led homes and communities across the UK

Our mission is to create meaningful and fulfilled lives for individuals by delivering personalised care, support and education.

We take our commitment to care and education seriously. We rise to every challenge, no matter how complex, and deliver on our promises, because vulnerable individuals depend on us for their safety and wellbeing.

We’re powered by a national network of expertise, skills, knowledge and resources and we’re committed to sharing our learnings and best practice to raise standards of care and education for everyone.

We’re a Family


We employ a diverse range of people because we recognise potential, transferable skills and personal experience from all aspects of life. Everyone is welcome to join our family. Whether working in care and education is your first, second or third career, if you match our values and culture then you’re a good fit with us.

Our culture is kindness. Kindness is free and acts of kindness can bring huge benefits to everyone. We all play a part in achieving our culture of kindness and it benefits us as a family, not just as individuals.

We work together and trust one another to do the right thing so that everyone receives the care, education and support that they need.

We Value Our People


Our bespoke and innovative learning and development programmes enables our team to

achieve their personal best and provide high-quality care and education. Our team members understand how they contribute to our unique culture and the important part they play in helping us achieve our values.

Whether we make a mistake or enjoy success, we believe both are an opportunity for learning and innovation. We empower our people to make decisions, to trust their instincts and to find solutions to challenges through creative thinking. We share our experiences, at all levels of our team, so everyone continues to learn and innovate.

We value our people

Equality and Diversity


We are proud of our diverse workforce and everything that they contribute. We do not discriminate and we strive to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all.


We are continually reviewing our Equality and Diversity action plan and we always welcome our team’s feedback on how we are doing and how we can make things better for them.

equality and diveresity

The Salute Awards

Not only are The Salute Awards an evening of fun and laughter, they’re an opportunity to honour all our fantastic people who do a brilliant job day in and day out.


The Salute Awards recognise and celebrate the excellent work of our dedicated teams and individuals who continually exceed our expectations to deliver person-centred support to the individuals who use our homes and communities.

” We celebrate the excellent work of our dedicated teams and individuals who continually exceed our expectations to deliver person-centred support to the individuals who use our homes and communities.”

John Godden, CEO

Our Values


We are a value-led company. All of our thinking and behaviour is guided and embedded by our values. If something isn’t aligned with our values, then we don’t do it!


S – We are Supportive by promoting opportunities for everyone so they can reach their full potential.

A – We are very Ambitious to provide the best possible outcomes for the individuals who use our homes and communities.

LWe are Loyal because we put the individuals that we support and our staff at the centre of everything we do and we deliver on our promises. We also are committed to ensuring that our homes and communities are meeting the needs of all stakeholders.

U – We are Unique because we are ambitious and innovative about the diversity of the homes and communities that we provide without compromising quality.

T – We are Transparent by being open, honest and fostering a culture of mutual respect.We promote a culture where we learn by our experiences and we are committed to doing things better and setting the highest standards in what we do.

E – We are Engaging because we work in partnership with the individuals that we support, our staff and all our stakeholders.

M – We encourage everyone to experience a Meaningful life by being aspirational and by offering opportunities.

People like you work in care & education.
People like Rob...

Rob Pretorius, 35, spent 20 years working as a chef before the coronavirus pandemic hit and cost him his job. When an advert for care work caught his eye, Rob wasn’t sure if he had what it took to make a difference in people’s lives. But after his first month in the job, he knew he’d found his true vocation.

I love engaging with the residents and making them happy. If I can get a smile from Nicky, who can’t communicate verbally, it makes my day. I love helping these guys to do small tasks that are so simple for me to do but mean the world to them. As a chef who has worked with people who speak different languages, I’ve had to find ways to establish basic communication with others, and that’s really helpful in this job.


Everyone who shares our values
is welcome to join our family.

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